As an artist, I constantly aim to push myself conceptually and technically, producing works of art that I hope would best represent me, my opinions, ideas, as well as suggestions on various issues of which I feel strongly about.


My paintings generally work around representations of what I perceive to be 'ideals'. These representations are usually re-characterize through my paintings, taking them away from their context of 'idolatrywhile imposing them into a different reality. Paintings, for me, have always been a break from reality; pushing towards fantasy, a journey that I have not yet fulfilled and a dream that I have yet realized. Paintings on the other hand, also help an artist narrate a tale, more often than not, for the purpose of questioning a current reality. 


My ongoing series works, generally deal with the idea of conformity in society, exploring the ‘absurd’ notion of self-individuation in a culture where communal ideologies still dominate.

The subject of ideologies and stereotypes dominate my works.




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