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In navigating the dance of existential dichotomies, Aiman's practice emerges as a journey across the threshold of contrasting states. Born from a confluence of cultures bound by shared spiritual beliefs, the environment of his upbringing becomes a precursor to his exploration of liminal spaces--mysterious intersections of paradoxical states where he experienced quietude, balance and harmony. Such explorations unravel a multifaceted narrative, reflecting the journey through cultural and spiritual intersections, and personal transitions.


Guided by philosophical principles, Aiman’s artworks explore the intricate landscape that unfolds between these contrasting states. Each piece evolves as an introspective exploration between reality and reverie—of order amidst chaos, the transient within the permanent, and form out of formlessness. This process transforms the works into a canvas for contemplative storytelling, where reflections, memories, and personal experiences intertwine with universal themes, offering a nuanced interpretation of individual and collective experiences.


By distilling the fleeting nuances of time and engaging with the delicate essence of memory—its dynamism, stillness, and the inherent tensions that lie within—Aiman seeks to understand the elusive nature of transitional, liminal spaces, and in doing so, the central mystery of being.



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