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 That Time of the Day You Told Me a Story  

(commissioned by Naumi Hotel)

That Time of The Day You Told Me Story, is a visual narrative centred on the idea of meditative visualisation and reflection.


The installation consists of three videos, set to sync with three distinct times of the day; morning, afternoon and night,


The videos are recorded and compiled, to evoke an inquisitive gaze. It starts the day off with morning scenes; an elderly group doing their morning tai chi, a woman walking her dog, the early morning rush hour, and even the artist himself on his morning jog.


In the afternoon, the video then accelerates into an afternoon rush, portraying both the bustling city life of work and leisure, in a personal and social setting.


The installation finally paves its way into a series of videos capturing the recollections of a night out; a beautiful bustling display of night lights, scenes and skylines around Singapore, and a series of the every changing landscape of Singapore heartlands.


These short videos, reconnect us to that sparkle, light and appreciation in the familiarity of the everyday.


That Time of the Day You Told Me a Story

(Morning, Afternoon, Evening)


3-channel HD video projection @Naumi Hotel (Seah Street)

00:01:46 min. loop



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