That time of the day you told me a story  

While walking along the lobby of Naumi hotel, a vibrant silhouette of a smiling lady greets you; the observant eye catching thousands of different videos playing, forming a pixelated image. That Time of The Day You Told Me Story, is a visual narrative centered on the idea of reflection and memory. 


The installation consists of three videos, set to sync with three distinct times of the day; morning, afternoon and night, and is curated and created by Aíman; one of Singapore's most decorated contemporary artists.


The video installation, made up of about three thousand short video clips, took four months to complete; from the very start of conceptualization, to the recording of each individual clip, and finally pulling it all together, creating the final masterpiece. The artist, who carried a video recorder around with him everywhere he went for at least three months, admitted that due to the nature of how each video was recorded and framed, got into a couple of heated confrontations with those who were unwilling to be a part of the art piece


Upon completion, these short clips were then recreated as pixels, completing the form of a smiling woman, as she reflects, recalling snippets of moving images from her day. The videos, recorded and compiled, to evoke an inquisitive gaze from assumably, Naumi herself, starts the day off at six, with morning scenes; an elderly group doing their morning tai chi, a woman walking her dog, the early morning rush hour, and even the artist himself on his morning jog.


At twelve in the afternoon, the video then accelerates into an afternoon rush, as she experiences her day out, portraying both the bustling city life of work and leisure, in a personal and social setting.


At seven in the evening, the installation finally paves its way into a series of videos capturing the recollections of her night out, resulting in a beautiful bustling display of night lights, scenes and skylines around Singapore, including places familiar to tourists like Orchard Road, Chinatown, and Naumi Liora along Keong Saik Road, as well as the every changing landscape of Singapore heartlands.


These short videos, although individually shot and compiled just a few months back, evoke a sense of nostalgia; scenes most will either find familiar or be intrigued about, taking us through a journey down memory lane; reconnecting us to that sparkle, light and appreciation in everyday life.



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