August 15, 2018

Had the opportunity to have an intimate conversation, interview and shoot with the talented guys from Portfolio magazine. 

Thanks Marc Almagro and team for taking precious time in making this happen. ❤️

Read interview and watch video here:  

May 9, 2018

I was attacked by a bird when I was 5, and as a result, I’ve been ornithophobic since. When I’m remotely near a bird (or even when I’m just looking at still photos of birds), I still get flashbacks of the incident. The rhetoric of freedom associated with flying birds h...

March 25, 2018

A little article on on my upcoming solo exhibition; The Evolution of Eian & Eien; where I explain my inspirations, creation process and the idea behind why I created a hybrid of inter-racial/ intersexual conjoined twins.

Read here:

January 25, 2018

(Click on image to view article)

"The cure for time is eternity, but a dose a day is required," explores the notion of time through the existence of multiple realities happening at the exact same moment, and how this affects ones perception and attitude towards mortalit...

January 24, 2018

So Art Stage Singapore is back again this weekend. Will be exhibiting two new paintings with Art Porters (Booth B8) alongside other artists. 

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